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History of Lyntree Collies - The Collie Rough

I first got involved with the breed when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter. My girlfriend had brought a puppy from the late Alison Jones of South Featherston (as she was then) NZ and I went down with her to collect this delightful bundle. Alison was instrumental in giving me the showing bug and I will remember fondly the articles’ she wrote for our local club on the trips we had away. THANK YOU ALISON for all the good times.

Murray & I had many discussions after this as to what breed of dog we were going to get.

We already had Sam a corgi X with a fantastic temperament. Sam used to spread his time between home and the “yard” with Murray and was happiest in the Truck with Murray. When Murray & I moved to Pahiatua and Murray started working for Tui Dairy Company and could no longer take Sam with him in the truck Sam took it upon himself to wander over to the local trucking yard looking for Murray. It was at this stage that we felt he couldn’t stay with us and was constantly worrying about him. Sam went back to Greytown and lived at the “yard” with Joyce & Roger (Murray’s Mum & Dad).

It was at this stage we agreed that a collie was the breed for us. I contacted the NZKC for a list of breeders and to date still have the letter that they sent me back. I contacted some of the breeders they put me onto and met with Margaret and Ray Prescott (Lochmore). Murray & I spent a lovely day with them but unfortunately they did not have any puppies available so they put us onto Linda White (Glencoe) and hence Glencoe Lancers Legacy came to live with us at 8 weeks old. Lance was a lovely dog and despite only winning one challenge gave us a love of showing and a love of the breed.

Ray & Margaret then had a rescue bitch come back to them who we willingly took Lochmore Yvonne came to live with us and despite not being able to get near her when she first arrived we were lucky that the children could do anything they liked with her and to her. Yvonne soon settled in and became the BOSS of the household.

We then registered Lyntree as a kennel name. L came from Lance, Y from Yvonne and being a keen gardener, I really wanted a plant or tree name so some how we ended up with Lyntree.

We mated Yvonne (to Au/NZCh Amadeus of Lochmore) in 1987 and she produced our first litter. By this stage Yvonne’s litter sister (Lucy - Ch. Lochmore Yavanna) had also come to live with us and she was mated to Shaun (Ch.Lochmore Arrester) at the same time. From these 2 litters we chose our lovely Lindi or Poo as she was affectionately known. Ch. Banchetta of Lyntree (Shaun x Lucy).

 Lindi had a fantastic show career and right through to veteran still made her presence felt including winning BOB & RUBIS at Dominion Collie Club show out of veteran class. Lindi was shown by Murray toward the end of her career. Lindi passed to the bridge just before our move to Australia.

Our next litter was from the lovely Lochmore Carena mated to the stunning NZ/AuCh. Lochmore Pathfinder. This produced for us Cymon (Cymon Syn of Lyntree). In this lifetime there are a few special dogs and Cymon was my soul mate. I was devastated when we lost him at a very young age.

Luckily Cymon had just sired a litter to a bitch I had leased (Galagold Just Kiwi Magic [Imp Aust]). From this we kept Kieran (Ch.Early Bird of Lyntree) and Skye (Ch. Evening Skye of Lyntree) went to live with the Fairhall family at Ashhurst.

Kieran was then mated to Lochmore Man Of The Moment and produced Ch.Gladiator of Lyntree (DB - Tony & Denise Climo), Ch. Get Up N Go of Lyntree (Kelly - Alison Jones).

Willmore Amadea had come to us and was mated to Ch. Lochmore Over the Limit and from this mating we kept Ch. Heavenly Girl of Lyntree (Kristen’s Belina) From a small tot Kristen showed and won with this bitch. Ch. Highland Lass of Lyntree (Brandy) went to Nicky Tilly and she enjoyed a lot of success with her.

We then mated Ch.Wrawby Inquisitive Lady to Ch.Braemist Classic Issue (a Banchetta son) and kept Justy (Just Dreams From Lyntree) Justy hated the showring with a passion and was never shown out of Puppy.

 Justy then produced for us the very successful litter (sired by Ch.Wintersett Keep it Dark) from which we kept Ch. Lost in Love at Lyntree (Minnie) who stayed in NZ when we left. Ch. Loverboy at Lyntree (Taz) who lived with Alison Jones and we eventually brought with us to Australia NZ/Aust Ch. Love to Shine at Lyntree (Mickie).


Mickie was mated to the lovely GrCh. Cathkin Thblubyu Gesswho.



We kept Ch.Lyntree MrCat Power (Dozer) BIS Winner of the 8th National Collie Show in Qld (175 entries) in 2005. Critique from the judge Mrs Stella Clark (UK)



  was the Rough Coated Collie, Number 63. Ch Lyntree Mr Cat Power came from the Intermediate Class, sired by Ch Cathkin Thblubyu Guess Who and the Dam was NZ/Aust Ch Love to Shine at Lyntree. A very striking blue merle and although his blue could have been a touch lighter in colour he excelled in all other departments. He has a beautiful outline, masculine yet not overdone in anyway. Lovely head and desired expression, neat ears, superb neck and shoulder placement, good front, deep chest and well sprung ribs giving him plenty of heart room which is most important in this breed. He has excellent angulation throughout and strong hindquarters which are well muscled, good turn of stifle and strong hocks with well padded feet allowed him to power round the ring giving good ground coverage. Head of the desired length, clean through with the correct amount of stop, well rounded muzzle and good underjaw with tight lip line. A dog who I would be proud to own.

Dozer is now in a pet home (see his page).  While up with Marilyn in Qld he somehow pulled out of allignment 2 front teeth and we were not notified until it was too late to have these teeth corrected.

Unfortunately I made the mistake of allowing Lyntree MrAll Black (Murphy) to go to a show home where he has not been shown. This striking Tri-colour is even better that his brother and I have got semen to allow me to continue in the breed - if I choose to down the line.

The Beardie Intrusion

Murray and I had taken a keen interest in Bearded Collies when we first spotted a brown shown by Peter Hindman. We considered seriously getting a beardie but allowed ourselves to be talked out of it. This would have been around 1988. We then started having a bit to do with Dianne Stefanatos and her Lovely bitch Critter. I am sure Dianne used to dread seeing us at shows as the first thing Murray would do is go and ‘stir’ up Critter.

Dianne made the introduction to Pam Douglas Llanddona Bearded Collies and shall we say the rest is history.

Our first show beardie was NZCh. Llanddona Fenella (Charlie Brown) DOB 26th December 1991. Charlie and her fabulous brother Brodie (Ch.Llanddona Brodielaird) were an awesome duo in the ring.

Charlie accompanied us in the move to Australia and we lost her on 22nd December 2006. Charlie was a SPECIAL dog and please have a look at the page dedicated to her. There is still a huge hole in my heart.

Pam had the one litter from Charlie which included the lovely Ch. Llanddona Charlie Brown and Ch. Llanddona Love Song.

From Llanddona Love Song we were lucky to have the pick of her litter to AuCh. Shilstone Domination (Imp UK).

This bitch was Koopa NZ/Australian GRAND Champion Llanddona Cinamon Twist (Imp NZ) See her profile

We then looked for a boy and Pam sent us

Osca GRAND Champion Llanddona I Can Fly Too (Imp NZ) See His page

Pam & I registered LLANDTREE (a combination of Llanddona & Lyntree) as a prefix and these two produced for us

Ch. Llandtree Newell Glenn (BJ) & Ch. Llandtree Ftstpsofa Angl (Miss Toni).

After BJ was used by Lynn Neilson (Stylyn) Lotte came to live with us and has produced 2 fabulous litters the first from Leo and then Reeve.  

We returned to NZ and I have since gone my own way and now breeding back under the Lyntree Prefix.

More semen in the pipeline :-)









NZ Ch. Banchetta of Lyntree "Poo or Lindi" winning RUBIS & Veteran in Show
Cymon Syn of Lyntree "Cymon"
NZ Ch. Heavenly Girl Of Lyntree
NZ Ch. Highland Lass of Lyntree "Brandy"
NZ Ch. Gladiator of Lyntree "DB"
NZ Ch. Lost In Love at Lyntree "Minnie"
NZ Ch. Loverboy at Lyntree "Taz"
NZ / Aust Ch. Love to Shine at Lyntree "Mickie"
Lyntree MrAll Black "Murphy"
@ 8 months
Lyntree MrAll Black @ 4
Aust Ch. Lyntree MrCat Power "Dozer"
Aust Ch. Lyntree MrCat Power "Dozer"


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